Best Solar Power Banks 2017

Powered banks are devices that are like batteries. They can be used to charge and power a variety of USB devices. These include mobile phones, some cameras, LED lights, or even speakers on occasion. The power banks just need to be charged normally like a USB device beforehand so they can power your devices later. However, like batteries, these too have limits. After running for a while, they’ll need to be charged again before they can be used. This renders them completely useless in remote areas.

To remedy this, developers have come up with the idea of a solar powered power bank. These devices work by harnessing the power of the sun to generate electricity. This electricity is then stored in the power bank for later use. As it derives its energy from the sun, practically speaking, it has an unlimited source of energy. When you aren’t using it, you can just leave it out in the sun to charge up. The best part about it, is that it is a onetime investment. After purchasing it for the first time, you don’t need to pay for anything else but small repairs.

Choosing to go for Solar Power Banks is a small step forward to transitioning to a world that relies on renewable energy. After researching the market and going through various products, we have a list of solar powered power banks that will be perfect for the tech savvy outdoor camper in you.

OUTXE 16000mAh Rugged Power Bank

Manufacturer OUTXE
 Dimensions 6.5 x 0.6 x 3.2 inches
Weight 12 ounces
 Rating 4.8/5
Price $100
Amp rating 16000 mAh

If you are an extremely adventurous camper, then this power bank is the one for you. The product has been rated IP67. This means that it is one of the best dust proof and water proof devices out in the market. It can resist water for up to 30 minutes after it has been submerged at a depth of about 1 meter.

The OUTXE solar power bank has been designed by placing grips in such a way that it will never slip of your hand even if you do have butter fingers. There is also a handy hook that can latch itself on to your bag or belt buckle, so it won’t fall off even if the chance does arise.

It also comes with a built-in LED light. This light can be used as a torch in the darkness or even as an SOS signal if the need ever arises. It also has strobe mode that can help you in numerous situations. This power bank comes with multiple smart circuits. This means that it can prevent itself from overheating or overcharging if you are careless about that.

The 16000 mAh capacity is enough to charge even heavy duty of phones. At full charge, it is capable of charging the iPhone 6s 5.5 times and the Samsung Galaxy S7 3.5 times.

Pros –

  • IP67 rating
  • High Ampere rating
  • Prevents overcharging and overheating

Cons –

  • Slow recharging
  • Too expensive
  • Cannot be recharged in a car since it might be dangerous

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GRDE Solar Power Bank Dual USB External Battery Charger

Manufacturer GRDE
 Dimensions 7.5 x 4 x 1 inches
Weight 12.8 ounces
 Rating 3.9/5
Price $40
Amp rating 15000 mAh

The new rugged solar charger from GRDE can help you in multiple ways. Like other solar chargers, it can also be charged from an outlet or using the sunlight. It takes about 10 hours for the whole device to reach full charge. However, the 15000 mAh capacity backs up for this. This can help it charge some high power consuming smartphones like iPhones and Samsung Galaxy Series Smartphones.

Built for rough use, this solar power charger is perfect for anyone who likes to go hiking, trekking, rock climbing, camping and other adventurous activities. It comes with 4 LED lights to indicate the charge level. Along with this it also has 6 other LED lights that help you find your way in the dark if you ever get lost.

This Solar charger is designed with 2 ports. One 2A port for larger devices like a tablet or GPS Navigation system, and a 1A port for smartphones. When connected, it automatically detects the load and accordingly supplies energy to charge your device in the most efficient way.

Pros –

  • High current rating
  • Low price
  • 2 ports to simultaneously charge multiple devices

Cons –

  • Susceptible to overcharging
  • System starts malfunctioning at high temperatures
  • Very slow charging time

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Powergreen Portable Solar Charger

Manufacturer PowerGreen
 Dimensions 5.8 x 3 x 0.5 inches
Weight 8 ounces
 Rating 4.9/5
Price $80
Amp rating 10000 mAh

This stylish solar power charger from Powergreen will make sure you never regret not charging your phone ever again. It has the option of charging from an electrical outlet and even from the power of the sun. The rugged body is dustproof and waterproof. Now, you wouldn’t have to worry about your devices as you enjoy yourself to your heart’s content.

The 10000 mAh capacity is lower than other power banks in the market. However, it is still enough to charge almost any smart phone 2 to 3 times at least. It comes with an added benefit of dual port. This lets you charge two devices at once with ease. One of them is a 2.1 A output while the other one is a 1A output.

It also comes with an LED indicator to show how much the power bank has discharged. Another LED at the back can be used as a torch in the dark, in case you ever get lost hiking. The same LED light is capable of a strobing mode and sending out an SOS signal if you ever need the help.

Pros –

  • Dual ports for charging 2 devices at once
  • Charges quickly from the power outlet
  • Lightweight

Cons –

  • Lower capacity than other power banks
  • Solar power cannot be used as primary source of charging

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Eskimo Power Solar Charger

Manufacturer Eskimo Power
 Dimensions 6.6 x 0.7 x 3.5 inches
Weight 10.9 ounces
 Rating 4.2/5
Price $80
Amp rating 12000 mAh

The Solar Power charger from Eskimo Power is a real power house. Its construction enables it to be water proof, dust proof and shockproof. Thus, it doesn’t matter if you decide to bang it on the ground, accidentally drop in the water and hike through sand dunes – this device will take it all while charging your mobile devices. It also comes with a 3.5 feet long USB cable so you can keep the charger under sunlight while resting under a cool shade.

The 12000 mAh charger is capable of charging your mobile devices multiple times. However, it is not advisable that you use the solar charger as the main source. The dual port enables you to charge both your devices at once with of the ports connected at 2.1 A and the other one at 1 A. It has ends for both lightning USB and micro USB too if you are ever in need of a fast charge.

This power bank also comes with a flashlight that can be used in multiple modes for optimum use. It also has a power indicator that displays how much percent of the charge is remaining after a particular use.

Pros –

  • Dual USB with lightning and micro USB options
  • 30-day guarantee

Cons –

  • Charging in the car can damage the battery pack

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Marccch 12000mAh Dual USB Solar Battery Charger

Manufacturer Marccch
 Dimensions 7.7 x 4.5 x 1.3 inches
Weight 12.6 ounces
 Rating 4.8/5
Price $60
Amp rating 12000 mAh

The Marccch Solar Power bank is a polymer encased solution to your charging problems in the rural area. It can be charged in two ways – from an electrical outlet and from the rays of the sun, making it the perfect companion for any trip. It has 5 LED lights to indicate the battery power level compared to the standard 4. This tells you the battery level more accurately than other devices.

It also has a dual LED flash light powered by the same power bank that helps you find you way in the dark if you ever get lost. The same device powers a dual USB port which lets you charge your mobile devices. One of the ports offers a 2.1 A output while the one offers 1 A output for smaller devices.

The design is sleek and it also comes with a rope to help you grip the whole device better or you could tie it to your backpack. The whole power bank is also water proof, dustproof and shock proof. This means you don’t need to constantly worry about it breaking or malfunctioning while you enjoy yourself in the wilderness.

Pros –

  • Shockproof, Waterproof and Dustproof
  • Bright LED flashlight

Cons –

  • Hard to access waterproof USB ports
  • Efficiency of energy conversion from solar to electric is low

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 Portable Solar Power Bank by Titita

Manufacturer Titita
 Dimensions 7.6 x 4.4 x 1.5 inches
Weight 11.2 ounces
 Rating 4.1/5
Price $70
Amp rating 10000 mAh

This stylish solar power bank from Titita will make you look cool and help you take care of environment at the same time. Though it can be charged using conventional means, during times of emergency you can choose to use the power of the sun. This works in two modes. One is to directly use the sunlight to charge your mobile devices or you can use the sunlight to charge the power bank first and later charge the mobile device when there is a lack of sunlight.

This power bank also comes with a hanger. You can simply hook it to your belt buckle or your backpack and go on a carefree adventure. With this, it also comes with a dual LED flashlight and a compass. The flashlight van be used normally, in strobe mode or in SOS mode. With the combination of these devices, it is nearly impossible to get lost ever again.

It consists of dual USB port of 5V each, 2.1 A and 1 A respectively. This will help you charge multiple devices at once. The Titita Solar Power Bank  also has 5 other LED lights to indicate power level so you know when to put it back for charging.

Pros –

  • Design helps dissipate heat easily keeping the device cool
  • Contains a compass along with the LED flashlight

Cons –

  • Low ampere rating
  • The design isn’t very durable
  • Charges the mobile phones very slowly sometimes depending on the type of phone

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Foreverrise 10000mAh Solar Charger

Manufacturer Foreverrise
 Dimensions 5.3 x 2.8 x 0.6 inches
Weight 7.2 ounces
 Rating 4.4/5
Price $16
Amp rating 10000 mAh

This slim power bank by Foreverrise that is powered by solar energy is going to change the way you charge your phones. Due to lower capacity of this power bank, it will not take as much time to get charged as other solar power chargers do. However, this fact does not impede its ability to charge your phone. It should still be able to charge a heavy-duty phone at least 2 times on full charge.

The compact, lightweight design helps people a lot when they are trying to travel light for a hike or a trek. To help people at such times, the Foreverrise power bank comes with an LED flashlight and a compass. Thus, you will never get lost in the dark. The compass is mounted on a hook strap that lets you hang this device on your belt buckle or your bag.

This rugged device is also shockproof, waterproof and dustproof. So, it doesn’t matter where your adventure takes you, your mobile devices will always have a way of getting charged. The lithium polymer battery ensures that the device has a long life and doesn’t malfunction anytime soon.

Pros –

  • Comes in many colors to suit your style
  • Get charged quickly
  • Lightweight
  • Very low cost

Cons –

  • Low ampere rating
  • The materials used on the outside seem to wear off quickly

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Ayyie Solar Power Bank 10000mAh

Manufacturer Ayyie
 Dimensions 7.6 x 4.5 x 1.4 inches
Weight 1.1 pounds
 Rating 4.1/5
Price $40
Amp rating 10000 mAh

This solar power bank by Ayyie is here to replace the conventional ones. It has 2 ports through which it can charge other devices. One of the ports charges heavy devices like iPad or GPS, while the smaller is used for smaller devices like a mobile phone or smart watch.

The outside is made of silicone to help you grip it properly. But, if you don’t wish to carry it around, it also has a hanger that will let you hang this on your pants or to the handle of a bag. Thus, making it easier to carry. Along with this, it also comes with a compass in case you every lose yourself in a forest. To add to this, a dual LED flash light helps you find your way in the dark if you need.

The power bank can be charged by both solar and an electrical outlet. The electrical outlet charges it faster and is more efficient. On the other hand, the solar charging capabilities is meant for emergencies only.

Pros –

  • Dual LED light with compass
  • Dual port to charge two kinds of devices
  • Good grip with hanger

Cons –

  • Very heavy compared to other solar battery chargers
  • Low capacity to charge other phones
  • Doesn’t maintain performance after a few charges

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Dizaul Solar Charger 5000mAh

Manufacturer dizauL
 Dimensions 5.6 x 2.8 x 0.6 inches
Weight 4 ounces
 Rating 4.4/5
Price $25
Amp rating 5000 mAh

This super lightweight solar battery charger from Dizaul is here to win your hearts. It is made of rubber and silicone that decompose easily. This means that the solar charging ability is not the only ecofriendly ability that this possesses. The grip with its texture ensures that the devices never slips out of your hand. If it does, it is also shockproof thus preventing any damage. This solar power bank is also waterproof.

It also comes with a hook to help you hang it on to any surface when not in use. The super slim design still contains 2 USB ports that lets you charge 2 mobiles at once.  It also comes with an LED flashlight for emergencies. The relatively low capacity battery means that it can get to full charge faster than other solar power banks. To indicate the charge percentage, it comes with 4 LED lamps that show the status accordingly.

Pros –

  • Very light and compact
  • High value for money

Cons –

  • Very low capacity; might be able to charge a heavy-duty phone only once
  • Solar charging is hardly effective

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FKANT Solar Charger 15000mAh

Manufacturer Fkant
 Dimensions 3 x 6.2 x 0.6 inches
Weight 9.9 ounces
 Rating 4.4/5
Price $37
Amp rating 15000 mAh

This high capacity solar charger from Fkant will help you charge almost any mobile device out there. It has been tested for iPhones, Samsung Galaxy series, GPS systems, LED lights, GoPro cameras and many other electronic devices. The Lithium polymer battery can be charged through an electrical outlet or even under the sun in emergency conditions.

The rugged design comes with a handy grip. It also has a strap to hold on to for better handing. For extra protection, it also has a hanger that helps you hook this device to other objects when not in use. This solar power bank is also shockproof and splash proof. This means you can enjoy the great outdoors without ever having to worry about a power outlet.

The charger powers dual USB ports. One of them 2A output while the other gives a 1A output. It also powers an LED light to help you find your way during emergencies.

Pros –

  • High capacity
  • Compatible with almost every phone

Cons –                                             

  • Heats up during charging
  • Doesn’t charge well when only solar energy is used

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As you can see, in most of the devices, the solar power as an input is only a backup option. However, it is still being used. With advancement in technology, the solar panels will become even more efficient and they will be able to generate energy much faster. This will help us switch completely from conventional electric sources to solar electric ones. The only downside is, you won’t be able to charge the battery at night. But, the sun should be right around the corner at such times!

So, if you are in a mood to go to the great outdoors soon and are worried if you will get a charging point or not, just buy a solar power bank. Find the charger that suits yours your needs perfectly and click on the link to buy it instantly. Share your thoughts on these solar power chargers or one that wasn’t mentioned in the list in the comments down below. Help the world transition into a solar-powered lifestyle!